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Cyta Alliance

An Important Strategic Alliance

Between   C Y T A  and   n  –  t o p o s

for the marketing & distribution in Cyprus of the

"n  -  t r a c k e r " Fleet  Tracking  &  Management  System

a  telematics system  available  to the user  on a monthly fee  basis, with zero initial  investment

photo1n-topos’ strategy aiming to rapidly expand its international operations and export activities put forward a very important business agreement with CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority) and NewCytech Business Solutions Ltd (a Logicom Group Company) in Nicosia, Cyprus, for the marketing, distribution, installation and service of its ‘n-tracker’ Fleet Tracking and Management System targeting a leader position within the local market. 

NewCytech Business Solutions Ltd, n-topos’ partner for the last several years in Cyprus organized the 3rd of November, 2010, a conference along with CYTA, in the Olympic House,  in Nicosia, in order to formally present the n-tracker  fleet tracking and management system and officially announce the three party association to the local Mass Media. 

cyta_invitationThe SaaS service (Software as a Service) is provided by an Application Server, based on n-topos’ intellectual property, installed and supported by n-topos in CYTA’s IT Center. This server is accessed through the web and comprises among else, an n-topos proprietary Cyprus map of high precision, expandable applications and, naturally, the software for tracking, managing, programming and routing fleets, which was designed, developed and integrated by n-topos.  

This telematic application is based upon the n-topos solution, which is locally supported by NewCytech, and made available to local users by CYTA  in the form of a monthly fee service. This type of service – SaaS– is relatively new in the Cyprus market.       

Corporate users can now adopt this solution for the automated tracking of their fleet of vehicles, the planning and precise control of their schedules, as long as the real time data collection and processing for the best possible exploitation of their fleet, without any capital investment, but simply with a reasonable monthly fee per vehicle and unlimited access by all users through the Internet. 

CYTA, n-topos & NewCytech have thus joined their knowledge and organizations with the common target to offer the chance to the Cypriot enterprise to exploit competitively the possibilities of the n-tracker fleet management system under the form of a monthly fee service, providing this telematics integrated solution.

n-topos has designed, developed and integrated with its proprietary know-how the largest Telematics projects in Greece, since 1997, among which the  HLPAP trolley bus Telematics project, the TRAM of Athens Telematics, SCADA and PIS System, the AIA (Athens International Airport) PIS and crisis management Telematics System, the ELTA (Greek Post Offices) Telematics and Routing System and intends to create similar alliances in Greece and abroad for the business development of its international operations and the increase of its exports.